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150,000 downloads of publications!

Sa 07/14/2018

Back in August 2010, the current version of our website was released, the same version that, with certain changes and slight updates, we maintain today. That design, today in some aspects certainly outdated but still useful for its original objectives, gave us the possibility of placing in the network a great amount of information and resources available to our society. When we considered the new adventure, one of the fundamental premises was to provide the web with a space where CEVFW publications and their researchers, as well as other areas, were available for free download.

Today, after eight years, we have surpassed the number of 150,000 books and articles about the vaccean people downloaded. True to one of its three main objectives (to preserve, investigate, disseminate), the CEVFW makes available to the students, the researchers or just the curious more than one hundred and twenty publications, in a unique effort to disseminate all aspects of vacceo world culture: from merely introductory studies to specialized monographs, through our Vaccea Anuario, the catalogs of VacceArte exhibitions, reports of archaeological excavations, etc.

Until now, the most downloaded publications have been the following:
  • 1. Vaccea Anuario, 6 (2012): 4.724 downloads.
  • 2. En los extremos de la región vaccea: 4.489.
  • 3. «Proyecto Pintia. Protección, investigación y divulgación de una ciudad vacceo-romana en el valle medio del Duero»: 4.252.
  • 4. «El primer milenio a. C. en las tierras del interior peninsular»: 3.542.
  • 5. Vaccea Anuario, 2 (2008): 3.395.
Quod erat demonstrandum: with perseverance and hard work, the dissemination of culture can break through, even in a disinterested way. No need for lavish museums, million-dollar investments, advertising campaigns or even minimal attention from the media (except for honorable exceptions) to aid with our modest contribution to the effort to protect and preserve our heritage. Another way of doing things, other criteria, other objectives. Simply.

To all our visitors and users, to our generous patrons and advertisers, to all those who make possible this miracle, the Pintia Project, to continue advancing: thank you very much for your trust and support! Wishing that after another eight years more we continue here, battling in this way so sui generis.

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