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Mo 07/22/2019

The second week of the XXXVIII International Course has concluded with a lot of work and a few unimportant findings. On one hand, the three sectors in which we will work during this campaign are already fully delimited and in most of them terrace level have been reached, although...

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Mo 07/15/2019

The first week of the XXXVIII International Course, which began last Monday 8th of July, has already passed. That day we received the students at the Madrid-Barajas airport and at the CEVFW headquarters and we made a visit to Las Pinzas hill and its medieval hermitages. After a brief prologue...

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Mo 07/1/2019

Despite the high temperatures recorded, last Friday we started the XXX Campaign of Excavations in Pintia Archaeological Site with the preparation of the sectors in which we are going to work during this summer in the necropolis of Las Ruedas. In these three sectors we expect to find tomb...

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Mo 07/16/2018

Here we present a brief visual summary of the last of our International Theoretical and Hands-On Archeological Courses held to date. As a novelty, it is the first one organized by our new brand ArchaeoPintia and has left us good memories and excellent scientific results, as they have already picked...

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Sa 07/14/2018

Back in August 2010, the current version of our website was released, the same version that, with certain changes and slight updates, we maintain today. That design, today in some aspects certainly outdated but still useful for its original objectives, gave us the possibility of placing in the network a...

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Th 07/12/2018

Yesterday the first results of the XXIX Campaign were presented to the media, as well as the cultural agenda of the CEVFW for this year in which 150 years of the re-discovery of Pintia are commemorated. The event took place in the Palace of Santa Cruz and was run...

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Mo 06/25/2018

With students and graduates from the universities of Notre Dame California, Loyola Marymount, California Santa Cruz, Granada, Salamanca, Valladolid and Castilla-La Mancha, the first week of the XXXVII International Theoretical and Hands-On Archaeological Course has already been developed. It is the first course organized by ArchaeoPintia, a brand of the...

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Su 06/17/2018

Tomorrow begins the XXIX Excavation Campaign with the first of the International Courses, but we already have the initial results, obtained during the preparation of the first sector which will intervene this year (F1i9), thanks to the excavation team of the CEVFW and the Pintia Cultural Association. On this occasion,...

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We 05/16/2018

After almost a year of hard work, last May 10 we finally released the new facilities of the Doceo Program. Located at the entrance to Las Ruedas route (between the information sign, Tintinárbula and the rest area benches), there are six 3 x 3 meter trial pits that contain various...

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Fr 03/23/2018

The deadline for registration in the three courses that are part of the XXIX Excavation Campaign at Pintia site has been extended to May 20. The campaign will take place again during the months of June, July and August. Three weeks long and 150 teaching hours, they are intended not...

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Th 02/8/2018

On January 29, the plot 59 of zone 502, one of the three that integrates the necropolis of Las Ruedas and one of the two that is still privately owned, was plowed again, after ten years of fallowing given the very low quality of the land for its agricultural use. Apparently,...

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Th 10/12/2017

The new catalog of VacceArte (exhibition of contemporary Vaccean inspiration art) and the Pintian calendar 2018, both with the central motif of the ritual jars used by the Vaccean people for civilized wine consumption (symposium) or at funerary banquets (silicernia), are now available for download in our Publications...

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Tu 09/26/2017

Vaccea Anuario No. 10 is now available, corresponding to the year 2017, with numerous articles on the Vaccean field and the habitual sections: memory of the XXVII Excavation Campaign in Pintia (2016); in Vaccean Cities we occupy in this occasion of Zorita-Las Quintanas (Valoria la Buena); in the section Vaccean...

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Tu 07/25/2017

The first edition of the International Theoretical-Practical Course on Osteology was closed on July 22, with the participation of students from Loyola Marymount (Los Angeles, California), Aberdeen (United Kingdom) and Complutense (Madrid) and the collaboration of ArchaeoSpain and ArchaeoPintia. This course, new among the academic activities developed by...

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Tu 07/4/2017

This year's excavation campaign is already underway and with very encouraging results, despite the high temperatures reached during most of June, which have considerably delayed its development. Until now, in the first sector we have discovered three new tombs (303, 304 and 305), some with rich grave goods. In addition,...

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Mo 04/10/2017

The crowdfunding campaign promoted by Pintia Cultural Association to support the excavations of this year in Pintia's Archaeological Site is fulfilling, step by step, its stages. So far, two-thirds of the planned total has been exceeded with almost 40 patrons. As there are still fifteen days left to close, it is...

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Sa 03/4/2017

Half of the places for this summer's programmes (XXXVI International Theoretical and Hands-On Archaeological Course and I International Osteology Course) have already been covered. You must hurry up if you want to participate in this incredible experience! More information.

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Tu 02/14/2017

A richly furnished grave of an elite woman from the Hallstatt period was discovered close to the Heuneburg, the earliest proto-urban settlement north of the Alps. Dendrochronological analysis of timbers from the grave chamber dates the burial to 583 BC, the earliest of a series of such burials north of...

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Su 12/18/2016

ArchaeoPintia's new 2017 programs are now available:
  • XXXVI International Theoretical and Hands-On Archaeological Course, from June 12th to July 9th;
  • I International Osteology Course, from July 9th to 23rd.
As always, these programs are directed by professional archaeologists of the University of Valladolid and have the facilities and services of the Federico Wattenberg...

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Sa 12/17/2016

Vaccea Anuario No. 9 is now available, corresponding to the year 2015, with numerous articles on the Vaccean field and the habitual sections. We would like to thank all the advertisers in this issue for their generous contribution to the diffusion of research on the Vaccean world. This number is already available...

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We 06/6/2012

We have uploaded a new video in our Youtube Channel about the experiences of last year's group of students at the International Archaeology Course in Pintia. It's in our videos section. Enjoy it.
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Sa 06/2/2012

Here we are again in a new season of excavations. The first group of students is here and we will be posting some information and photos of the daily life in the center, findings, anecdotes and much more. Stay tuned.
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We 04/25/2012

An important part of the web's updating plans is offering an English version. We are aware that most of the students coming to Pintia in our International Programmes are English-speaking natives, so we are trying to translate most of the contents into that language. At last the English version is a...

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Tu 02/7/2012

The award ceremony of the Vaccea Awards took place on the 11th of September 2012 in the Aula Triste, Santa Cruz Palace. The spokesman of the Vaccean Studies Centre officially opened call for the next years competitors. This award aims to give recognition for any activity promoting and enhances the knowledge of...

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Tu 09/6/2011

From the 4th to the 9th of October, 2010 took place the first of the courses included in the programme «Universes of Ceramics», organized by the CEVFW, coordinated by Carlos Sanz and Carlos Jimeno. This first course, on ancient Greek pottery, was attended by Professor Cesare Calandrini, accompanied by his wife...

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Th 09/1/2011

The 4th Vaccea Anuario is out from the press. The new volume takes a look at the latest findings of the Pintia Archaeological Site in the course of the 21st campaign of excavations and also draws attention to the Carpetanos, Viriato myths, the Vaccean city of Rauda (Roa de Duero), etc. ...

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Tu 08/2/2011

During the months of June and July it took place the campaign of 2011 excavations at the site of Pintia, in which participated 22 international students, as well as a large group of volunteers and researchers from the Vaccean Studies Center at the University of Valladolid. Participants. Among the students attending...

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