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Doceo Program: Archaeology for children

A unique educational experience

Secrets hidden for centuries are waiting to be discovered by you in Pintia. The old Vaccean-Roman city, destroyed by seven fires, rises again from its ashes to recover the memory of these Vaccean people who knew how to adapt, like no other, to the extreme conditions of this territory.

Through the archaeological recreations and the reconstruction of the graves dug in the cemetery of Las Ruedas, you will relive in person the history of these Vaccean people. They were one of the pre-Roman ethnic people that occupied all of the Valladolid province and more than half of modern-day Castilla y León.

The University of Valladolid's archaeologists, that have been working for over 30 years on this archaeological site, will guide you to a past full of many surprises and unresolved questions that only you with your sharp observation, intuition and skills will be able to relive and understand the ancient history of these lands.

You will learn the basic techniques of Archaeology and make reproductions in clay
You will learn the basic techniques of Archaeology and make reproductions in clay

Programmed activities

  • 09:30h: welcoming session at the Federico Wattenberg Center for Vaccean Studies in Padilla de Duero; presentation and organization.
  • 10:15h: transfer to the Vaccean-Roman necropolis of Las Ruedas; introduction to Vaccean culture and Pintia; excavation of various archaeological replicas.
  • 12:00h: workshop on Vaccean clothing in the necropolis of Las Ruedas.
  • 13:00h: transfer to the CEVFW and explanation of some of the archaeological pieces on display at Museum.
  • 13:15h: pottery workshop at the CEVFW.
  • 14:00h: weather permitting picnic lunch in the countryside (children should bring their own food); alternatively, lunch will take place at the CEVFW.
  • 15:00h: evaluation, Diploma Ceremony, photos; a comic book will also be offered.
  • 15:30h: end of our activities.

In the costume workshop you will enjoy the Vaccean rituals
In the costume workshop you will enjoy the Vaccean rituals


We aim to bring visitors closer to the richness of our archaeological heritage and to the techniques we apply to reconstruct history. In order to do so, we have arranged six archaeological pits measuring 54 square meters each that contain replicas of the artifacts that we have uncovered from Las Ruedas necropolis. Additionally, we have the previous infrastructure of the Program, located in the city of Las Quintanas, with three 4 x 4 meter pits that allow the practice of archaeological excavation both in tombs and in areas of Pintia habitat.

In addition, we will teach participants about the ancient technology to create pottery, since the Vaccean artisans were masters at their craft and experts in some varied and technically difficult methods. The largest kiln in Europe, dating to the middle of the 1st century B.C. in the artisan neighborhood of Carralaceña, testifies the importance of this craft.

Finally, the tour to the site, and especially to the necropolis Las Ruedas, will give participants a greater understanding of how the Vaccean faced death and beyond life.

A young archaeologist shows us her findings
A young archaeologist shows us her findings

In summary, through this dynamic and interactive experience, the students will be exposed to the archaeological tools used to reconstruct history, while at the same time teaching them about the Vaccean, one of the most cultured pre-Roman groups in the Iberian peninsula and which had a long-lasting effect on later generations who lived in the Duero River basin of the Community of Castilla y León.

Please bear in mind that these activities will take place outdoors in covered areas and that we will be working on the ground. We recommend children wear old clothing and something warm in case temperature drops. The program does not provide lunch.


Please inform us when you would like to join the activity–chosen and the proposed dates at cevfw@uva.es; we will reply as soon as possible. You can also contact us on +34 983 881 240.

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